Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Open Sky

I trained at Open Sky Aikido in Hillborough, NC last night. I drove down there to visit my parents, and caught a class with Steve Kaufman Shihan on my way back home.

About halfway through, I was wondering if I'd accidentally showed up on "wear out the new guy" night.  When I inquired about it in the changing room later, I was told it was a "particularly energetic class" tonight.

Open Sky is a USAF dojo, and it was a joy to work in this fluid style.  Lots of technique, no wasted time, lots of falling, very little talk.  I was winded, and my legs are feeling it today (the next day).

Techniques included

  • Kosetori Ikkyo -- Omote and Ura*
  • Kosetori Iriminage -- focusing on the line up the side of Uke's body -- very much like Ikkyo
  • Kosetori Kokkyuho -- like AK's favorite (one of the teachers at RBK)
  • Kosetori Kotegaeshi -- same blend as all the rest, rotating the wrist
  • Kosetori -- Ikkyo entry through, into Shihonage
  • Tenchi Nage, Omote and Ura
  • Kokyu Dosa
I can't wait to show some of these variations in my class.

* Omote and Ura are defined differently than we do at RBK